The Sunderland Story

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17th May- 27th May 2023



Sunderland Empire – Sunderland

The Sunderland Story

Your Story – Your Songs – Your Club

A brilliant feel-good show about family, friends and a lifelong love of the red and white stripes of a beloved football club!


“The Sunderland Story,” presented by Alterean Media in collaboration with Sunderland AFC, is a groundbreaking live theatre production celebrating the rich history and passionate spirit of both the city of Sunderland and its beloved football club. This magnificent show is a centerpiece of the City of Sunderland’s 50th-anniversary celebrations of the 1973 FA Cup Final.
Staged at the iconic Sunderland Empire from May 17 to May 27, 2023, “The Sunderland Story” invites audiences to a nostalgic and emotional journey through the club’s illustrious past. The show masterfully blends comedy, drama, and music, featuring terrace favourites that have echoed through the decades. With tickets starting from just £13, it offers an accessible and enthralling experience for all.
At the heart of this production are the stories of the Carter and Thompson families, whose lives have been inextricably linked with the fortunes of Sunderland AFC. Their tales represent the experiences of countless supporters, intertwining personal narratives with the club’s historic milestones. From the legendary Wembley heroics of Jimmy Montgomery to the city’s transformation into the world’s foremost shipbuilding powerhouse, the show paints a vivid picture of a community united by football.
Renowned writer Nicky Allt, who has previously penned shows about Liverpool and Celtic, brings his expertise to this project. His script captures the essence of Sunderland – its history, its achievements, and the indomitable spirit of its people. Directed by the talented Howard Gray, “The Sunderland Story” is a testament to the city’s enduring legacy and the unbreakable bond between the club and its supporters.
The production not only revisits the club’s historical moments, from its founding fathers to its modern-day heroes, but also delves into Sunderland’s rich shipbuilding and mining heritage. It’s a multi-generational experience, offering a walk down memory lane for older fans and a fascinating educational journey for the younger generation.
Featuring performances by local talents, including panto regular and Sunderland fan Peter Peverley, and music produced by fellow supporter James Hedley, the show embodies the authentic voice of the community. This is more than just a story about a football club; it’s a celebration of Sunderland itself, a city known for its passion and resilience.
Alterean Media’s “The Sunderland Story” is a must-see for families, football fans, and anyone keen to experience the true heart and soul of Sunderland. It’s not just a theatrical production; it’s a communal celebration of a city’s identity and the unyielding spirit of its people. The show promises to be a memorable event, capturing the essence of what makes Sunderland and its football club so unique and beloved.
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Sunderland Story full cast